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The 19th Edition of the Mediterranean Film Festival hosts Slovenian director Martin Turk

In the official competition program of the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Film Festival in Brussels 12/3/2019 at Cinéma Aventure and 4/12/2019 at Cinéma Palace Martin Turk movie Don't forget to breathe (Ne pozabi dihati) was presented.

The director Martin Turk was on both performances of his movie and afterward there was a short Q&A session organized wheere he talked about his movie that is partly an autobiographical film narrative of growing up of adolescents in search of acceptance and belonging, with a beautiful depiction of natural beauty of Slovenian region Bela Krajina.

A film by director and screenwriter Martin Turk, made in Slovenian-Italian-Croatian co-produced, made its world premiere in the 17th Competition Program ALICE NELLA CITTA in Rome in October 2019 in Italy.

Slovenska Hiša at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Brussels in excellent cooperation with the organizers of the festival provided additional promotion of the film and also performed a winning competition on social networks where followers were awarded with free tickets for Turks' movie screenings.

The 19th edition of the Mediterranean Film Festival in Brussels, which began on October 27, at three locations in Brussels, finished on December 7.