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Slovenian books and authors at the Brussels Book Fair

At this year edition of the Brussels Book Fair, the Slovenian House at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Brussels, in cooperation with the Brussels Cluster of the EU Network of Cultural Institutes Eunic, EC, Slovenian Book Agency (JAK) and the Librebook Bookstore in Brussels, hosted roundtables, where Slovenian writer and translator Agata Tomažič spoke on translation of literature in Europe and director of JAK Renata Zamida spoke on the state of European publishing. Slovenian translator Staša Pavlović participated at the latest as a moderator and translator.

Slovenian writer Agata Tomažič discussed the translation of the literature with the representative of the Basque publishing house Maiatz Itxaro Borda and the Luxembourg writer Tom Nisse, while Director of JAK Renata Zamida discussed the situation with Luxembourg Hydres editions representative Ian de Toffoli on European publishing.

At the proposal of the Slovenian House at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Brussels, the conversation was moderated by Slovenian translator Stasa Pavlović. It was conducted in Slovenian and French, as the EC agreed this talk to be bilingual in support of linguistic diversity in the EU (Slovene was the only other official European language on its stand besides English) and provided interpretation.

For Slovenian boot the Librebook bookstore provided Slovenian books translated in English, French and Dutch. The Brussels event was a great opportunity to promote new translation of Agatha Tomažič book "What Can't You Tell a Hairstylist" into French (a work entitled "Ce qu'on ne peut confier à son coiffeur" was published just before the fair by the Paris-based Belleville editions), as well as an excellent opportunity to present to the general public the achievements of Slovenian publishing and to promote Slovenian books

The Slovenian Embassy in Brussels provided Slovenian wine for the reception on the eve of the opening of the fair, hosted by the EC and EUNiC.