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Ambassador dr. Rado Genorio

Date of birth:      27 April 1964

Place of birth:     Stična, Slovenia

Personal status:  Married to Mersija Genorio

                            Father of two children:

                            Hana Genorio, born in 1978  (employed at the European Commission in Brussels)

                            Armin Genorio, born in 1983 (working in the private sector, resident in Slovenia)   

Education:           Doctor (PhD) of Geographical Sciences.

                            Professor of Geographical Sciences.

Professional experience:

  • 2017: Ambassador of Slovenia to the Kingdom of Belgium (4.10.2017), to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (30.5.2018) to the Republic of Cabo Verde (7.2.2019)

  • August 2016 - 2017: Adviser in the Cabinet of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, responsible for European Affairs and Economic Diplomacy

  • 2010 – 2016: Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Slovenia to the European Union

  • 2008 – 2010: State Secretary in the Cabinet of the President of the Government of Slovenia

  • 2005 – 2008: Secretary in the Office of the Government of Slovenia for European Affairs, Head of the Department for technical support (twinning)

  • 1997 – 2005: Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Office of the Government of Slovenia for European Affairs

  • 1996 – 1997: Undersecretary, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Slovenia

  • 1992 – 1996: State Secretary, Ministry for Science and Technology of Slovenia

  • 1984 – 1992: Director of the Institute of Geography, University of Ljubljana

  • 1997 – 1984: Assistant Researcher – Young Researcher, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Geography

  • 1973 – 1977: Professor of Geography and Sociology, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Geography, Department of Sociology

Knowledge of foreign languages:

  • English (experienced user)
  • German (experienced user)
  • French (experienced user)
  • Spanish (experienced user)
  • Serbian (experienced user)

Hobbies: Hiking.