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Investment opportunities



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In Slovenia, the government retains influence over parts of the economy by direct and indirect ownership of shares in a number of companies through Pension Management Fund (Kapitalska družba, KAD) and the Restitution Fund (Slovenska odškodninska družba, SOD).

Real estate

Eda Center is a mixed use development of residential, office, retail, gastronomy and parking, in Nova Gorica, a town of 32,000 inhabitants on the border with Italy. The neighbouring Italian town of Gorizia is home to 35,000 inhabitants, and there is no longer a border between the two towns. The building has an excellent location in the centre.


Real estate

Situla is located in the city centre, close to  Ljubljana's Main transport station. The location in the vicinity of the main bus and railway station gives fast and easy access to transportation links that take you to the city centre, to the other side of the country or to destinations located abroad


Real Estate

The municipality of Polzela wishes to sell a Castle built in 1452, to be developed into a hotel, commercial building, cultural centre, educational institution or private residence. Zagreb and Ljubljana international airports are less than an hour away.



The Benedict thermal spa resort includes a large contemporary water park, a high-class hotel with an apartment village and a wide range of additional activities and benefits, such as thermal and mineral water use, organic food production, healing (medicianal) herb growing, footpaths for hiking, cycle lanes, agritourism, golf courses and similar facilities


Due to the global financial crisis, NFD Holding has decided to dispose of its portfolio of hotel properties on Slovenia's Coast at a discount. There are three properties in excellent beachfront locations in (1) Portorož-Portorose, (2) Izola - Isola and (3) Strunjan.



Dolenjske Toplice is a town in the south-eastern part of Slovenia known for its geothermal springs. The property designated for development lies to the south of the centre of Dolenjske Toplice and the existing spa facilities between two meander bends of the Susica stream


The Municipality of Ravne na Koroškem aims to work synergistically with investor(s) with track record in tourism hospitality and leisure sector in order to achieve visitor growth and yields by creating new experiences at Rimski Vrelec in the Koroška region (Carinthia).


New tourist facilities will be constructed on one of Slovenia’s most alluring and pristine environments. The idea is to offer a great spa and wellness getaway, as well as action-packed adventures on and along the Kolpa River


Livade Resort: Rimske Toplice is a lovely town in the right bank of the Savinja River that takes its name after the Roman baths built to exploit the benefits of the local thermal springs.


The Multilogistics and Business Centre of Slovenia in Arnovski gozd near Celje is a logistics development project by Era Group. The project benefits from the unique geographical location.


Selection of National Development Projects of Transport Infrastructure: The transport infrastructure projects facilitate the country’s economic growth by improving mobility. Slovenia is planning substantial investment in upgrading its facilities for land, air and maritime transport.


The construction of a new 600 MW power generating unit of the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant has been endorsed by the Slovenian Government in the Resolution on National Development Projects 2007–2023.



The construction of the Kozjak Pumped Storage Plant on the Drava River some 25 km west of Maribor and 2.2 km upstream of the existing Fala Hydroelectric Power Plant is included in the Government Resolution on National Development Projects for the period 2007-2023.



The run-of-river hydropower plants on the middle Sava River will connect the cascades on the upper and lower Sava River into a closed chain. Nine power plants are envisaged on the section. The hydropower development of the Middle Sava River section is regulated by the Concession Act; concession has been granted to Holding Slovenske elektrarne.


TET is one of two coal-fired power plants in Slovenia that use locally-mined coal. Together with the Zasavje coal mines it has always been a cornerstone for the development of industry, craft and transport in Zasavje and throughout Slovenia.


Health Care

Selection of National Development Projects in Health Care

Design and construction of healthcare facilities: a new University Medical Centre in Ljubljana with 660 beds and the floor area of 80,000 m2 (2011-2015: € 268.9 million). 

The establishment of a new University Medical Centre in Maribor is expected to help reduce shortage of highly-skilled health professionals such as physiotherapists and nurses all over Slovenia

Upgrading the network of emergency medical centers in Slovenia has been penciled in to enable optimal speed and efficiency of treatment in a case of emergency and level off the differences between regions.

There is a host of investment opportunities for funders, suppliers of goods and engineering and construction companies for the next three years in all general hospitals across Slovenia


Industrial Property Development

Elstra d.o.o. has become one of the leading distributors of the popular Radenska still mineral water. Elstra invested in reduction, re-use and recycling practice for its products and in 2007launched the production of biodegradable and compostable bags for organic waste collection



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