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The Slovenian Business and Research Association (SBRA), established on 12 May 1999, is a non-governmental organisation representing the Slovenian economy and research institutions in Brussels.

The SBRA's primary tasks and mission are:

  • to encourage cooperation between Slovenia, the EU and its Member States in the domains of business and research, and also to promote the "European image" of both spheres and its members from Slovenia, 
  • to support members of the association in their integration into the EU internal market and to facilitate their cooperation in European programmes and to benefit from financial incentives of the Community,
  • to promote the Slovenian economy research institutions and individual members of the association in European institutions and Member States.

The SBRA differs from other information and lobbying organisations in that it represents and connects the Slovenian economy and scientific and research institutions, and is based on a public-private partnership connecting public interests with the interests of companies and research institutions.

SBRA members are companies, research institutions, economic associations, educational organisations, public institutions and local communities.